Breakfast Club

This is a very popular session and is open from 8.00am every morning.

The children can have a healthy breakfast consisting of cereal, toast, fruit and a drink before starting school. Once they've had their breakfast they can choose to do a variety of activities such as finish homework, play games, read books, write stories or join in with a keep fit session.

Breakfast Club is free to attend for all children.

The Breakfast Club staff are:

  • Mrs Hemus
  • Mrs Virdee
  • Mrs Rollins
  • Mr Whelan
  • Mr Healy

What the children think:

  • Breakfast club is fun and in the summer we can go outside and play sports. Ashon
  • I like it when we do different activities. We build models, participate in Zumba and read. Ridate
  • We get to play with our friends and it is like an extra break. We get to read and play games together. Christina
  • I like to play and eat breakfast with my friends. Jahmarnie
  • I like playing with other children. Eden

We love using the library during Breakfast Club.
Working together to construct models.

How quickly can you stack them?
Breakfast Club is a time to catch up with friends.

Cereal is our favourite!
Who has got four in a row?

Coming to Breakfast Club helps us to be on time for school!
Time to get some fresh air – what shall we play?