Event - Bockleton Residential

February 2010

In February 2010 Year 5 and Year 6 went on their annual trip to Bockleton, an outdoor pursuits centre near Tenbury Wells. They spent three days at the centre accompanied by Mrs Darby, Miss Richards and Mr McConnell.

Although the weather was cold, the snow managed to stay away and, in spite of the muddy conditions, a good time was had by all!

A team of Year 5 children building bridges. That's one way to keep your feet dry.
No bridges this time. Anyone for a game of 'Stuck In The Mud'?

We hope it doesn't snow, our shelter might not last long. Watch out for that bucket of water!
Time for a nice relaxing read. Is tea ready yet?

Anyone for a game of tennis? We're still full of energy!
No thanks I'd prefer a nice game of pool. Hopefully I'll be world champion one day.

Another challenge. I hope we don't have to use these parachutes, they look a bit small.
Nearly time to go home. Is it that way?