Event - Cricket Day

9 June 2017

On Friday 9th June, a cricket coach from Warwickshire County Cricket Club visited St. Anne’s to offer all children from Year 1 to Year 6 the opportunity to participate in a cricket session.

The children impressed the coach with their enthusiasm and level of skill.

The aim of the day was to engage children in cricket to aid their physical and personal development. The children were made aware of the values and spirit of cricket in a special assembly and demonstrated this through their passion for the day.

Furthermore, the cricket coach from Warwickshire County Cricket Club provided the children with information on how to participate in cricket outside school with clubs in the local community.

Quotes from the children:

  • "I think it was excellent, I love Cricket." – Jahmarnie
  • "It was fun and exciting. It was my first time playing Cricket." Emma
  • "It was fun and I enjoyed the experience." Muad
  • "It was great to meet a cricket coach and learn fun and active warm ups." Christina
  • "It was a chance for us to further our bowling and batting skills. It has made us better at cricket." Leah & Ryan
  • "The cricket coach taught me skills that I could use for the future and it was a wonderful experience for me and the class." L’chae
  • "We had an amazing time and it was an inspiring opportunity. It was a once in a lifetime chance that I will never forget." Nahom
  • "I had fun and improved my cricket skills." Cassandra
  • "The day was very entertaining and inspiring." Devontae