Event - Geography Day Celebration

16 March 2017

The children and staff of St. Anne’s Catholic Primary School participated in a thrilling Geography Day, celebrating and exploring people, places, cultures and religions around the world.

Each class from Reception Year to Year 6 were given a continent, from that continent they chose a country; which they explored in the build up to Geography Day.

When the exciting day arrived, each child was issued with their own passport, enabling them to ‘travel the world’! The children were full of enthusiasm at the prospect of visiting every continent; learning about the cultures, climates and physical locations of people living all around the world.

Here’s a taste of some of the inspirational destinations and activities the children of St. Anne’s experienced, as world travellers in a day:

  • Reception class: Said "Bonjour mes ames!" As they transformed into a little corner of Paris, France and designed their own football kits.
  • Year 1: Travelled to the second largest continent in the world, Africa and said 'mahaa' to the children entering beautiful Ghana. Here the children had lots of fun making traditional African masks and enjoying the music of the continent.
  • Year 2: Took the furthest journey, travelling ‘down under’. They had an abundance of fun learning about Australia and making their very own boomerangs. Hope they came back!
  • Year 3: Welcomed the children with a friendly "Namaste" as they opened their doors to India. The children enjoyed experiencing the delights of the third largest country in Asia and created some beautiful rangoli patterns.
  • Year 4: While the temperature was rather frosty, the atmosphere was warm as the children entered the fifth largest continent; Antarctica. We learnt about the landscape and wildlife, inspiring the children as they created beautiful penguin puppets.
  • Year 5: Took a bite of The Big Apple, as they travelled to New York, USA. They explored North American popular culture and produced their own graffiti inspired chalk images.
  • Year 6: Bought the carnival to the children, who delighted in the sights and sounds of South America’s largest country, visiting Rio-de-Janerio in Brazil. The children embraced the party feeling by making and decorating their own carnival masks.

Each class, from Reception Year to Year 6 participated in a lively and energetic dance workshop, learning and performing a dance from a range of cultures around the world.

  • Reception and Year 1 learnt African Dance
  • Year 2 danced Spanish Salsa
  • Year 3 and 4 tried Brazilian Carnival Dance
  • Year 5 and 6 excelled at Indian Bollywood dance.

The day culminated in a wonderful celebration assembly where groups of children from all year groups were able to share and delight in their learning. It was wonderful to see so many smiling faces both on stage and in the audience.