Event - Year 3 Roman Day with Language Alive

11 March 2010

Year 3 pupils were treated to a wonderful afternoon of drama, role play and speaking and listening by the Language Alive team in connection with their history work on the Romans.

The children got to work straight away by being detectives. They used their senses to explore the historical artefacts and gave their ideas as to what they were and how they might have been used. They discovered what was on a Roman menu. They found out that all slaves wore a slave tag. They also looked at a necklace, possibly a lot like the one Boudicca might have worn.

The children were then shown a model of what a Roman villa might have looked like and were then introduced to the ‘dig site’ of an old Roman villa. They explored the different rooms that would be found in a Roman villa and the objects that might be found in those rooms.

It was time for the children of Year 3 to bring history ‘back to life’. Each group were sent to a room and played out what would be going on in the room. The children then had a ‘Celtic slave’ experience. They were treated like slaves and had to wear a slave tag around their neck.

They all had an enjoyable and educational afternoon.

Detective work.
Exploring historical artefacts.

The 'dig site' of an old Roman Villa.
Looking for objects that might be found in the Villa.

A model of what a Roman Villa may have looked like.
Role-playing Roman life.

The children became 'Celtic slaves'!