Event - No Pens Day

14 February 2017

No Pens Day was a day to encourage putting down pens and to be involved in a day of speaking and listening activities.

We participated in No Pens Day on Tuesday 14th February. Throughout the day pupils got involved in Maths, Literacy, D&T and Music lessons without picking up a pen or a pencil. We also got involved in an intra-school competition where all the children got involved in the Battle of the Saints competitions which involved pupils being physically active, problem solving maths questions and concentrate during a speed stacking contest.

Have a look at some of the other activities classes got involved in:

  • Reception – Shape hunting and hot seating.
  • Year 1 – Made cookie boxes, made cookies and measuring.
  • Year 2 – Abstract art, role playing and problem solving.
  • Year 3 – Literacy role play, maths games and storytelling.
  • Year 4 – Maths games, circle time and model making.
  • Year 5 – Art and researching.
  • Year 6 – Maths games, freeze frames and drama.