Event - Reception's Spring Crocus Bulbs

March 2012

As part of the Reception class curriculum the children have been outdoors planting crocus bulbs. Before planting we talked in class about the dormant bulbs and what they felt and looked like. Then we went outside in small groups and planted the bulbs. Digging, pressing, patting and covering with the soil. Now we must watch and wait!

Weeding the pots:


Planting the bulbs:


At last our crocus bulbs have grown with the help of the rain, sun and food from the compost and soil. After talking about the changes that we could see we decided to draw the emerging bulbs and label them.

"They are beautiful."
"They smell like my mom’s perfume."
"They make me feel happy."
"I like purple."

These were just some of the comments from the children. Spring is nearly here!