Event - National Poetry Day

28 to 29 September 2017

Poetry fever hit St. Anne’s this week.

On 28th September, it was National Poetry Day. We started the day with a ‘poetry themed’ breakfast club, where children (and staff) wrote poems into a special St. Anne’s Poetry Book. Then, in our classes we wrote poems based on the theme, ‘Freedom’.

The next day was equally exciting! Matt Windle (Birmingham Poet Laureate) visited our school. He started with a whole school assembly, where he shared some of his poetry with us in a special performance. It was amazing! For the rest of the day, Matt visited each class for a poetry writing workshop which we all really enjoyed!

Here is Year 5’s poem written with Matt Windle:

If my heart was a person, that I would follow,
And an action that promises a better tomorrow,
It’s the smell of sugar and sweetness on a chocolate day,
Everyone should listen to what we have to say,
Cos’ if you’re against freedom then you’re against us,
All working together is an absolute must.

Every person in the world deserves to be free,
I accept you so you should accept me,
It gives you the power and the right to act,
If you should believe us, it is a fact,
If freedom was clothing it would be a coat,
If freedom was hate it wouldn’t float.

You have to consider how other people feel,
Some people around the world wouldn’t have a proper meal,
We don’t want things to change once we have peace,
Being an individual means your confidence will increase,
It is justice and equality all wrapped together,
Then we could live happily together.

Freedom is original. It’s old and it’s new.
It’s precious, it’s mine and it’s yours too!