Event - Year 5 in Project History Enhancement

10 March 2008

Year Five spent the morning at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery Collection Centre. It was a fascinating place full of artefacts from days gone by.

The children had to make some very important decisions as they were given the task of deciding what should be kept and what should be destroyed and lost forever as space in the museum is running out!

Characters from Birmingham's industrial and scientific past came back to share their stories and explain why we need to save examples of their work.

After a brilliant morning spent among so many examples of things which were used in the past, the decision was easy, everything had to be saved!

Going through a 'security check' before beginning the project.
The project was very exciting and lots of fun.

We looked at lots of different things, including old bicycles.
Investigating an old toy.

Recording findings after investigating historical artefacts.