Event - Retreat Day: We Will Go Out

21 September 2017

As a school we went on retreat. It was a day of reflection and prayer as we explored discipleship and how we can be followers of Christ.

Our day was led by Dan and Emily from One Life Music who helped us to explore this theme and examine how we can be disciples in our everyday lives. We learnt some new hymns and ended the day with a beautiful liturgy led by our Liturgy Team.

It was a wonderful day to spend together and have time to reflect, pray and sing.

Caleb’s prayer in response to our day 'We will go out':

Dear God,

Thank you for making us disciples of Jesus. Help those who were affected by the earthquake. Help those people who do not have a religion. Help us to follow the footsteps of Jesus. Bless those who are spreading your word and your love. Bless Pope Francis who is helping and preaching your word. Help those who have lost their parents or children. Amen