Event - Science in a Suitcase

22 February 2008

On the 22nd February we had a visit from 'Science in a Suitcase'. All the children in Key Stage 2 joined in, and learnt lots of new things.

We were able to experiment with light, magnetism, balancing forces and sound. The experiments were all presented in a fun environment and everybody had a good time.

Science in a Suitcase demonstrate a bubble experiment.
"What do I do with this then?"

Concentrating on their task.
Looking at distorted pictures through a mirror that restores the image fully.

How fast will the propellors go?
Lots of concentration!

Looking closely at the experiment.
Year 5 children took part in the science experiments.

Using a mirror to see the pictures moving fast in the wheels.
Rolling coins in different directions to check speeds.

Are those big ears, or are you listening for something?
"How did that money get down there?"