Event - Growing Gains: Spring Activities

March 2010

Rob from Growing Gains has been coming into Year 1 to teach us about growing fruit and vegetables. You may have noticed our vegetable beds at the front of the school, which will hopefully be full of produce in the summer.

We have learned a lot so far, such as how compost is made and the life cycle of a seed. This term, after the long, cold winter, we are preparing the ground for planting, and getting seeds germinated ready to go into the ground. Watch this space later in the year to see how our beds are getting along.

We do a lot of learning inside the classroom as well as outside, and each have a special folder with our Growing Gains work in.
We have been preparing potatoes to sow into the ground. We had to leave them in a cool, light place until the shoots appeared. This is called ‘chitting’.

Taking a closer look at the seed potatoes.
Digging the beds in preparation for planting.