Event - Year 6 trip to St Chad's Cathedral

30 November 2009

On November 30th Year 6 went on a trip to St. Chad’s Cathedral. We went with Mrs Darby and Mrs Chinn and our Chair of Governors, Mr McConnell was our guide for the day.

We found out a lot about the history of the cathedral and what happens on an everyday basis there. We also led the lunchtime mass for the local congregation, where we read readings from the Bible, the prayers of the faithful and brought up the offertory.

We had a very interesting and enjoyable day and Mr McConnell was a great guide.

The main entrance to the Cathedral.
A statue of the Cathedral's namesake, St Chad.

A stained glass window explaining the story of St Chad.
Mr McConnell starts our guide of the Cathedral, and we all listen intently.

The ornate pulpit.
The magnificent organ.

The beautiful altar, which has a lot of history behind it.
Christ on the cross, high above the altar.