Event - Year 3 at Mount Pleasant School Farm

October 2010

A calm Autumn day and an excited class of Year 3 children take a trip to Mount Pleasant School Farm. What lay in store was a brilliant new school building and the best farm teacher ever Mrs Hatch.

We learnt about the animals on the farm, the meat and other products like milk and eggs that we get from them. The weather was good so allowed us to complete daily jobs such as water and feed the hens, check their grit levels, feed the sheep, check the dairy cattle and see that the young calf were faring well away from their mothers.

A good day was had by all.

Watch out! Water about. We kept footwear clean to stop germs spreading.
A farmers work. Collecting eggs to feed us.

How cute!
Maths in practice. Weighing eggs to sort them by size to sell.

A caring farmer feeds his sheep.
Caring for hens means food, water and grit each day.