Healthy Lifestyles

At St. Anne’s we have heathy menu options for both breakfast club and school dinners, Children are actively encouraged to make healthy choices in what they eat.

We also run various sporting after-school activities, which you can read about on our Clubs page.

Be Food Smart

Be Food Smart (external link) is the latest health campaign from Change4life.

Our everyday food and drink can contain surprisingly high amounts of sugar, saturated fat and salt, meaning most of us are eating more than we realise. National Child Measurement Programme data shows that one fifth of Reception and one third of Year 6 children are overweight or obese.

Public Health England has launched a free app, which families can use together to uncover how healthy their food choices are. The Be Food Smart app allows you to easily scan the bar codes of branded products, as well as supermarket favourites, to see how much sugar, saturated fat and salt is lurking inside.

Food Choices

Breakfast can have surprising amounts of sugar, saturated fat and salt. In fact, research has shown that children are eating nearly half their maximum daily amount of sugar before they get to school.

See how sugar stacks up at breakfast time in the video clip below: