Snippets of News

Netball Tournament

Our netball players in action..

23 March 2017

On Thursday 23rd March representatives from Year 5 and 6 participated in a Birmingham Catholic School Sports Netball Tournament at John Henry Newman Catholic College.

This was a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to show off their development in a competitive situation and to represent the school.

The girl’s determination and hard work during the early morning and after school training sessions with Mrs Virdee contributed to them leaving the event in high spirit and feeling some achievement even though they didn’t come away with a trophy

100% Attendance Circus Workshop

The children enjoying their circus workshop.

12 February 2017

Each half term pupils are rewarded for achieving 100% attendance. The reward for January to February was a circus skills workshop.

The children got to participate in many different activities such as using stilts, learning to juggle and spin plates. All the pupils had an enjoyable time.

Who knows what the reward will be for the next half term?

Football Tournament

Our footballers in action.

8 February 2017

On Wednesday 8th February 2017 representatives from Year 4 and 5 participated in a football tournament at John Henry Newman Catholic College.

This was a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to show their development in a competitive situation.

The children have been developing their technical ability and understanding at lunchtimes and in after school clubs with our Health Mentors Mr Whelan and Mr Healy.

Safer Internet Day

7 February 2017

On Tuesday 7th February everybody was involved in Safer Internet Day.

The theme of 2017 was Be the change: unite for a better internet. The day involved us understanding and discussing the internet and social media. Our Safer Internet Day included reading, being creative and being involved in discussions and debates.

As a school we have learnt how we can keep safe online at home such as keeping passwords protected, making parents aware of what we are doing and keeping personal details to ourselves.

You can find out some top tips or gain advice on the Safer Internet Day website (external link).

Sparks Visit

Year 5 meet the Fire Officer.

27 April 2012

Year 5 enjoyed an interactive and informative visit from officers from Ladywood Fire Station on Friday 27th April.

Afternoon of Singing

28 March 2012

Mrs Stone, our music teacher, came into school to lead the children she teaches across the school in demonstrating what they have been learning in their music lessons. The programme ran as follows:

Year 2: 'Jellyfish' and 'Cat Sat on a Mat', songs linked to class topic of poetry and rhyming words. Year 5: 'One Love,' 'Amazing Grace' and 'Three Little Birds,' three of the class's favourite songs chosen around classwork on Water and the Land. Year 3: An a cappella 'call and response' song based on tabla drum sounds and 'Switching it On' about the invention of the light bulb, as the children have been studying Light and Sound. Year 1: 'Part of your World,' from The Little Mermaid, 'A Tiny Seed was Sleeping' chosen from songs about fairy tales and Spring. Year 6: Obladi Oblada with Year 3, then 'Ain't no Mountain High Enough.'

This was an enjoyable afternoon and showed just how much the children gain from singing.

Flute Recital

Flute recital.

20 March 2012

Parents and friends were welcomed to a flute recital given by Year 4 and some pupils from Year 5 and Year 6 on Tuesday 20th March.

The pupils are taught each week by a member of the Birmingham Music Service.

Room on the Broom

Room on the Broom.

6 January 2012

The Reception Class had a treat on the afternoon of 6th January. They went to the Town Hall to see 'Room on the Broom.'

After reading the book in class the children didn't really know what to expect. The show started and they were all gripped with excitement as to who might get on the broom next and indeed would there be room on board?

In the classroom the next day the children talked about their experience so we read the book again, but this time they knew what to expect and joined in with parts of the story.

The children produced some lovely pieces of writing which were put on display in the Key Stage 1 corridor.

Our New Mosaic: The Four Saints

14 December 2011

After a lot of thought and deliberation it was decided that one of the mosaics that was commissioned for Saint Anne's would depict the four house groups; Saint David, St Patrick, Saint George and Saint Andrew.

All the children had a hand in creating the mosaic. Parents were invited too! Everyone agreed that the finished piece of art work was spectacular in its design, colour and detail.

There was a short service where the mosaic was blessed by Father Pat on Wednesday 14th December.

It now hangs proudly just inside of the front reception doors. You are invited to come and have a look.