On this page you can meet all the friendly people who work at our school.

The pictures below were drawn by some of our talented pupils If you'd like to see what the staff really look like, just hover over each picture with your mouse.

Mr Gopaul
by Isa

Mrs N Tighe
by Ezekiel

Miss Greening
by Natalia

Mrs Samra
by Taysia

Miss Morsley
by Mordoquay

Miss Fortuin
by Sami

Miss Murphy
by Sophie

Miss Younger

Miss Battick
by Keanu

Miss Rees

Mrs Chinn
by Alex

Mrs Hemus
by Sadia

Mrs Malik
by Kwahjay

Mrs Molloy
by Olivia

Mrs Nayyar
by Unaisah

Mrs Pitt
by Kelli

Mrs Virdee
by Genelle

Mr Whelan
by Ilana

Mrs Van Hagen
by Shamar

Mrs Caines
by Olivia

Mrs Boyce
by Mikolaj

Mrs Leslie-Rollins
by Malyka

Miss Mulcare
by Natalia

Mrs Zahoor
by Sadia

Mrs Bradley
by Lakaisha
Mrs Swaby
by Iman

Mr E Tighe
by Kwahjay

Mr Edge
by Natalia

Staff List

Name Title
Mr W Gopaul Headteacher
Mrs N Tighe Acting Deputy Headteacher, SENCO
Miss E Greening Foundation Stage Teacher
Mrs S Samra Year 1 Class Teacher
Miss M Morsley Year 2 Class Teacher
Miss I Fortuin Year 3 Class Teacher
Miss C Murphy Year 4 Class Teacher
Miss J Rhodes Year 4 Class Teacher
Miss J Younger Year 5 Class Teacher
Miss C Battick Year 6 Class Teacher
Miss L Rees Year 6 Class Teacher
Miss S Brassington Non Class Based Teacher
Mrs S Chinn Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Hemus Teaching Assistant, Breakfast Club Supervisor, Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Malik Teaching Assistant, Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs K Molloy Teaching Assistant
Mrs Y Nayyar Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Pitt Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Virdee Teaching Assistant, Breakfast Club Supervisor
Mr P Healy Health Mentor
Mr D Whelan Health Mentor
Mrs A Van Hagen Senior Office Manager
Mrs D Caines School Clerical Assistant
Mrs V Boyce Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs B Leslie-Rollins Lunchtime Supervisor, Breakfast Club Supervisor
Miss M Mulcare Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Zahoor Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs V Bradley Catering Staff
Mrs M Swaby Catering Staff
Mr E Tighe Building Services Supervisor
Mr J Edge IT Technician