Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 home page. In Year 5 we will be extending our knowledge from Year 4.

We will be finding lots of interesting things about the Greeks, space and the artist William Morris. We will be becoming more confident readers, mathematicians and writers.

We’re looking forward to learning about Invaders and settlers this term and extending our knowledge further.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your child, please feel free to approach us at the end of the day. If we am not available or this is not convenient for yourself, then please make an appointment with us via the school office.

It is important to remember that you as parents are the prime educators of your child and therefore by working as a team together, we aim to ensure your child reaches their full potential whilst in our care.

Mrs Tighe and Mrs Read

Also read: Meet the Teacher Parents' Letter - September 2018 (pdf)

Key Information

The children will be given homework in order to practice and consolidate basic skills.

  • Spellings – Set on Monday, tested on Friday.

Please also ensure your child knows how to spell words from the common exception lists from Key Stage 1, Years 3 and 4 and start to learn the words from the Year 5 and 6 word lists. Children can use SpellingFrame (external link) to practice spelling patterns.

Times Tables

Children complete a Times Tables Rockstar timed test 3 times a week. As part of their homework, children need to log on to Times Tables Rock Stars (external link) to complete challenges to help them practice their set times tables.

In addition to the weekly activity, please ask your child to complete any corrections from the week before. If they have had difficulty in completing the questions, please ask them to see us so we can give them extra support.

We also expect the children to read every day and to record this in their reading diaries. Encourage your child to read a range of texts and to discuss these with you.

Our Topics for the Spring Term are Invaders and Settlers then the Circle of Life. Please encourage your child to research about the Vikings, the geography of Europe, life cycles and habitats.

Our Learning

Find out what we will be learning during the year in our Curriculum Overviews (latest at the top):

More about our learning in Year 5:

All documents above are in pdf format.


During Christmaths we built reindeer shelters. We had to use money to buy different items and calculate the change.
We created our own volcano art inspired by the work of Magaret Godfrey.

We have been enjoying learning Spanish.
Ensuring a fair test in Science.

The children have enjoyed learning about Van Gogh's starry night and adding some observational drawings of planets.
We have had chance to used the Nintendo Ds's during computing sessions to solve anagrams.

When Garry Jones visited we all had chance to add a tile to the school mosaics.
We enjoyed a virtual reality session to look at different volcanoes around the world.